History of the Hotel Patteriol

The Hotel Patteriol, an oasis of refined and warm hospitality, is run by the Birkl family, now in its second generation.

In 1960 Lisl and Leo Birkl had the courage and foresight to build the Patteriol Bed and Breakfast. It soon became apparent that the house had become too small, and in 1966 and 1977 significant extensions were carried out.

In 1999 Rosi and Peter Birkl took over the family business and added a spacious wellness area, which gave the house a special touch. With this new building, a lift was also installed to further improve the comfort for guests. The basement also houses underground parking.

In 2011, the building was upgraded to a hotel. The comfortable and modern rooms and apartments have been renovated and renewed over the years to ensure a high and contemporary standard for guests. The Birkl family do not rest on their laurels, however, and are constantly striving to improve for their guests.